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For someone to be able to work the line competently, it takes at least two months, sometimes longer, to memorize the entire menu.


Our method of preparation is completely unlike any other fast-food restaurant. Have you ever noticed that out of all fast-food chains Taco Bell's products look and taste amazingly consistent? There's a reason for that. A stressful, tedious reason. If the weight is.

So, when a soft taco goes on the scale, it needs to be 1. If it varies.

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We all train with a scale, and we have to get used to doling out the ingredients precisely, in order to make everything the correct weight in the end. It's very hard to get that right. While everything at Taco Bell is clearly not made from scratch, every single item is put together ingredient-by-ingredient by the hands of the line workers. Don't worry, they wear gloves. You have the patty, the bun, the cheese, maybe a couple pickles, and a squirt of ketchup.

It's not super-uniform. But at Taco Bell -- with the weighing at the end, we need to be totally precise with everything we put inside our food. And we use our fingers to do that, after training with a digital scale, of course. Each item has a strict formula that line workers need to follow. If we want to make it supreme, we step it up to two finger pinches of cheese and three of lettuce.

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Really, we are just adding more fingers, but once you're trained in that method, it becomes second nature. This type of exactness makes sure almost all of our stuff comes out looking the same, no matter where you are or who is making it. And everything we make is just like that, measured by hand, put together by hand, and weighed before it reaches a customer.

So, it seems everything is kind of hard to make here. But obviously some of it rises to the top of "crap they don't like to make. For those, there's just more steps to the process. Take the quesadilla. Not only do you have to make the thing, but you also have to go through the extra steps of putting it through a steamer, then through a grill, then you have to slice it and package it. It just takes longer, so it's more annoying.

Due in large part to their rigorous prepping system, this fast food sometimes comes out… slowly. Much to at least one customer's chagrin. He had a big order, like a dozen or so things, and we had to remake a couple things because of the weight issue. The customer in question did not understand the wait for the weight. He was just being extremely rude the entire time.

Then when he actually got his food after about 10 minutes of waiting, he took the entire bag, dumped it all over the counter, and just stormed off. I have no idea what that guy was thinking. Aside from the limitless customization, there is an actual menu item you can order… that for some reason isn't on the actual menu. And it's a fan favorite. People love them, but they took them off our menus," he said. If you order one, we have the option to make it. Not sure why it's not on the actual menu anymore, but I looked 1, times and it's just not there.

So go into your local Taco Bell and order one. Chances are they'll make it without saying another word. The chains were both formally owned by PepsiCo and are now owned by Yum! But, according to someone who's seen inside the walls of both chains, there's one big difference. The menu is constantly changing, with new and exciting and sometimes crazy dishes that come and go in a matter of months.

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  • There's a reason why Taco Bell's food looks consistently the same.
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Perfect for the social media-obsessed ADD generation. All their marketing is about late-night eating and being out and social with friends. Kentucky Fried Chicken, on the other wing hehe , is aimed at a slightly older demographic. Older people are much more likely to use coupons and would prefer the mostly unchanging menu that KFC has," the manager said, likely to the chagrin of the rotating roster of Colonels.

Our manager assures us it's actually pretty basic. In fact, it's kind of a rip-off.

Taco Bell Coupon | Makes Dinner Kits 79¢ :: Southern Savers

You are really just getting a chicken sandwich without a shell, and it's more expensive. We just dip it in the fryer inside that tool, and then toss in our lettuce, tomatoes, and all that. It's kind of a rip-off, really. You are getting less, for more. Just add ground beef and toppings. Try Taco Bell Home Originals for the ultimate party platter! Make tacos that are small enough for a snack, but big enough for a crowd! Recycling programs for this package may not exist in your area. Made in Mexico. What you Need: Brown meat in skillet; drain. Bring to boil; simmer on Medium-Low heat 10 min.

Meanwhile, bake taco shells in oven on baking sheet at degrees F for 3 to 5 min. Do not heat taco shells in toaster oven due to possible fire risk. Fill bowls with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. Pass the taco shells and let everyone pile on the fun! Makes 6 servings, 4 tacos each. The number of items in your shopping list has exceeded the maximum limit. Please remove some items, or create a new shopping list.

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