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Have feedback? Want to know more? Send us ideas for follow-up stories. More from BDN. February 15, You may also like. I always get sweet potato fries whenever it is available- so good! I think I drove by one once but I haven't tried their burgers yet. The mushrooms on yours are calling my name! A would FLIP for that giant burger.

My husband would love this place. I swear he orders a burger everywhere we go! I would've guessed those fries were really crispy, too! Even if they aren't, they look delish. And that raspberry lime fizzy drink, YUM. Love cheese and mushrooms on my burger! This looks like it was a delicious stop.

I always get them in the summer at this place in walking distance to my apt. I never know with places like this if they'll be a hit or miss- looks like you found a winner! Whoa, I had no idea they had such good looking shakes and fries.

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I'd totally go there for that. Aww man now I'm craving a burger! Who doesn't love a burger, fries, and a shake! I've seen this place and wondered about it -- looks like a worthwhile pit stop! Never been but you've surely sold me if I am ever up North and craving a good burger! No that you mention it, I've definitely driven by the Watertown one before! Burger and a frappe sound so fun and old school! Monday, March 12, Wild Willy's. Chicken tenders were nice and crispy and no reaction! Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful! So many gluten free options; almost the full menu.

Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Always have a good experience here. Tasty, and super accommodating with my needs as a celiac. I've eaten here several times and not gotten sick. Oh, and the root beer is yummy. So disappointed! I've never been to a Wild Willys so I didn't know what to expect. While ordering I was still excited, based on the prices I thought it was going to be good quality and delicious burgers and sides.

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But it ended up being way overpriced garbage. The food was greasy and tasteless. And my boyfriend ordered mac and cheese as a side and it was legitimately Kraft macaroni and cheese out of the box. I'll never go back. Wild Willy's in Worcester is one of my favorite places. They are incredibly accommodating of celiac disease, and the owner has told me to let him know if there's anything else I'd like to see there gluten free. They have all my favorites though! GF chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fish and chips, burgers, fries, etc. It's a must try! This place is awesome! Literally almost everything is gluten free!

Best GF chicken fingers I've had. My all-time favorite GF restaurant. Burgers are wicked awesome. Never an issue here for me or my son, both celiacs. The best GF onion rings. What a treat. I'll visit again. Great place! Super friendly, celiac knowledgeable. Very yummy too. Good to go out and get a decent meal.

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Love the food!! When you want Chicken fingers, fries and onion rings this is the only place to go!! My "go to" if I'm feeling fries and a Burger. Come here often and feel full but great every time. They get Celiac and GF. Great burgers. Excellent fries. Everything fried is GF so it's all safe and super yummy.

This place is unbelievable with a great selection of gluten free food. Burgers are cooked as ordered. Service is great. Go to the one in Worcester. It's the best!

Better than expected - Wild Willy's Burgers

I have Celiacs Disease and the gluten free options have not made me bedridden! Sometimes it's hard to trust places and sometimes you have to take the blow if its cross contaminated, but this place is so delicious - gives me hope for future restaurants to accommodate for my disease. Love the food and love the atmosphere! This is my favorite restaurant for gluten free food. There are gluten free options for everything. They are also so nice and friendly. The bison burgers are so good and the chicken tenders are a kid favorite! We all love the onion rings and often indulge in a couple of root beer floats!

Had a wonderful meal with my husband for a date night. Told them I was GF, and they were great. A very tasty GF bun for my awesome burger and the French fries were safe to eat too. Even their chicken fingers were GF I will make sure to try them next time! Also had an angry orchard cider to top it off. I loved going to Wild Willy's when I visited York, Maine as a teen so it's nice to have one closer to home too.

So good to have a burger and onion rings. Not all use dedicated fryers but the Worcester one does. Worth paying he extra money to eat normal. And the gluten free bun is amazing!!! Love the extra effort they make to ensure there is no cross contamination or potential mix ups. Burgers are delicious. Coffee shake is amazing.

Great selection of gf items. All their batter used is gf. Buns were great as well as fries and onion rings. Haven't had a fast food onion ring in over 10 years. What a treat this was to experience great gf comfort food. I rarely write reviews but I had to get the word out so others can try this place. First time since new ownership. My 3 kids and myself have celiac. They were very accommodating and nice.

Food is still awesome, as well as safe to eat. Very good burgers.

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Gluten free buns are always a plus. Like others have said, no gluten free fries, which is always a bummer. Just had to leave Wild Willys York Maine location without eating after being informed that they could not accommodate multiple simultaneous gluten free orders. The man taking orders was rude and actually said he "couldn't believe" that we legitimately needed 4 celiac orders at once.

When I asked if he'd rather not serve us, he said "yes. Um, it's a genetic thing and we're all in the same family. I would not recommend attempting to eat here if you have more than one gf person in your party and even then I'd be prepared for some attitude. If you really can't or don't want to accommodate gluten free, don't advertise it.

I have eaten here before without getting sick, but doubt I'll be back because I don't appreciate being called a liar about a medical condition I didn't choose. Very disappointed that they aren't open Sunday's.

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In a major touristy area there's no excuse for being closed on a weekend day. I felt confident eating here, separate menu for celiac and it was so delicious. They are pretty big. Fries are fresh cut and cooked in dedicated fryer. Other gf options include chicken sandwich and ice cream for dessert.

Not a huge gf menu, but it's a burger and fry place, so get the burger and fries! Celiac menu available. They are very clear that you cannot substitute anything on the menu if you have celiacs. Not to worry, the burger was fantastic, the bun was soft, and I got to eat fries with my family!

They recommend ordering all fries for the table off the GF menu so there is no risk of contamination. The fries are cooked in dedicated oil. The GF order was placed separately and delivered on a separate tray. My non-celiac family members were equally excited with the food and all want to go back too.

Everyone was happy! Can't wait to go back!!! Awesome GF Burger. Gluten free menu and dedicated fryer. French fries are awesome! They asked me if I had an issue with cross contamination I do and they cleared the line to prevent it.

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