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Bear River. Sights The QB78 comes with adjustable open sights. More importantly, it has an 11mm dovetail rail for scopes.

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The target version of the rifle has optional aperture sights from China. They copy an old version of the FWB sight and are very useful for match shooting. Many airgunsmiths learned their trade of this rifle and are now pleased to pass it along. Performance Because of all the modification possibilities, the only performance I can report is what the factory rifle gets. Accuracy On a calm day, a stock QB78 should keep all its shots on a nickel at 20 yards, or a quarter at If you have a fresh charge in the gun, you can blast a few shots of gas to clear the transfer port, but be sure to thoroughly clean the barrel and breech afterwards.

The QB78 is one of those good ideas whose timing was nearly perfect. As long as you understand the quality crapshoot, this is a hard bargain to pass up. You can avoid the quailty problems by buying from an after market tuner, There are a number of these folks out on the net, just have to look. The quoted velocities are a bit high for an out of the box rifle, for a. You make a good point about the tuner, however, the numbers came from actual tests on factory guns. Maybe they were just hot ones.

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Will darts actually work in most single shot pistols and rifles? Does it have to be a smoothbore? In the process of purchasing a Spare Air tank, I discovered the answer on hydro testing small tanks. Small tanks are not hydro tested, but they will do a visual inspection. Your velocities for the QB78 seem accurate. My stock. My modified. It looks like I jumped the gun [pun intended: I have both a 78D. I see hardly a flaw in either the metal or the wood. Reminded me of German quality. They shoot as good as they look.

You can tell I really like them, such a joy to shoot.. Forgot to mention above the foot pound ratings. The problem as far as i see is the barrel to reciever fit. Other wise its very accurate. Not sure if you did the calculation. B, Can the 78 take a peep site or is it necessary to install a breach kit from archer arms for that to work? Of course the QB 78 can take a peep sight. The Crosman it copies had a peep sight. The sight just has to attach to 11mm grooves, which the QB 78 receiver has.

That is a larger, taller rear sight and may not align with the front sight easily. I was looking for a way to get better velocity from a Co2 rifle. I then added black anodized heatsinks to the side of the Co2 cyl to keep it toasty on a summer day. Before the mods: After the mods: That velocity from a would be remarkable!

The QB78: A copy of the Crosman 160/167

As I said above, there is too much leakage in the because of the way the mag clip mates to the gas flow channel. The mods were done on a QB The only fallback is having to rely on a hot summer day, and the appendage hanging from the rifle. Cheers — Gargster. Although this post is rather old now. Like 4 years. I recently bought a QB deluxe. Which features a nice optical sight. I bought a. Although the money spent into it for the extras you could but probably a different gun but you loose out on some features.

The QB A copy of the Crosman / | Air gun blog - Pyramyd Air Report

One company has made a rotating index magazine for this gun. Doing my research and reading your article and also Archer Airguns and few others. I decided to pick it up. CAD Currency. Quality feels good and seems to shoot well. This is definitely one to go for.

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